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Soap is more than the ability to wipe away dirt and germs. Body Love by Tal uses the power of nature to heal, nourish and restore better than anything synthetic or chemically made.

To behave as a cleaning agent, soaps must contain an alkali and an oil. Blending these components is needed to create the process for soap making. There are several methods to achieve this result.

The Cold Process method of production is used by most handcrafted soap makers, agreeing in its superiority, but cold process soap takes up to six weeks to cure.

Here at BodyLove we choose the Hot Process. Saponification is achieved by heating ‘just to the melting point’ then adding an alkali. It is then poured into molds, cut, cooled and cured for 2 weeks. Chemicals are not added in the process. Those with sensitivity to strong scents and certain dyes find hand crafted soaps much better to use. Our therapeutic grade essential oils are derived from plants which offer a plethora of healthy skin benefits. We avoid using fragrance oils to ensure a soothing and non irritating skin surface so for those allergic to fragrances are safe here.

Commercial hard bar soap is manufactured by using fragrances, artificial colorants and preservatives that no human can spell and say out loud, that are boiled together for a period of time to create saponification (a chemical process where the oils and the alkali bind). This boiling time promotes rancidity, and more chemicals are added to counter this possibility for shelf life maximization.

During the boiling, the soap product and glycerin separate. The glycerin is then removed before the mix is pure formed into bars. The glycerin is most often sold off vs adding it back to the product.

Fragrance oils, not essential oils are used in commercial soaps like Dove, Irish Spring or Dial. These fragrances are manufactured in a laboratory somewhere over in Jersey! They might smell great, bu will be causing itchy and dry skin over time.

Also, many commercial soap companies do not list all their ingredients on their label because ingredient listing is not mandatory. What you may be purchasing is a chemical formulation comprising of petroleum-based products and petrochemicals. Commercial soaps, being high in phosphates causes algae build up in rivers and streams. 

Are you ready to make a change?

So, do your part and buy local, buy handmade.

In my video, I go more in depth about our commercial soaps, watch below:




- Tal xoxo


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