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Ever have trouble drinking enough water per day?

While on the go, consider eating your fluids!  According to Registered Dietician Eliza Savage “the appropriate serving of fruit can actually hydrate your body almost twice as effectively than water alone because the sugar and vitamins in the fruit helps with absorption.”  Dr Savage does not advocate replacing all your water for fruits because of the high sugar content She also suggests capping your intake to two fruits per day to prevent gas, bloating or constipation.



One thing we can all agree on is the need to stay hydrated; beauty experts, MD’s and natural wellness experts all agree on that one thing - Staying hydrated.  

Almost everyone I observe is carrying a cell phone and a bottle of water, we obviously realize the benefits of staying hydrated, but is it a struggle to keep up?  Dehydration has harmful effects on your body.

Dehydration can occur through excess activity, heat, insufficient fluids, sweating or even side effects from medication.

Tals Teas story began with a dream and a passion for healthy tea. My mom and I started formulating our own original tea blend recipes that we wanted to share with the world.  We created infused herbs that are better and tastier than water alone, enhancing your Glow from the Inside Out!   All our teas are made with restorative organic herbs and flowers focusing on whole body wellness, vitality, and balance.*

We are so happy and very grateful to be introducing 4 Glowing Designer Recipes of Tals Teas to you, our favorite customers.  Orders are available for 1 oz and 4 oz tins along with a sampler variety pack.  My mom and I are convinced that you will love them as we do.  

Set your intentions, take deep breaths, and enjoy.



Skin Glow Tea is formulated with a blend of regenerative herbs to cleanse the liver while detoxing the body of harmful chemicals and toxins to promote natural healing of skin ailments and radiant beautiful skin.

Give your immune system a daily boost with Eternal Glow Tea a blend of organic herbs with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties promoting an overall sense of well-being. 

Goddess Glow Tea nourishes women's reproductive phases and cyclical hormonal shifts by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation to the womb to promote natural healing and detoxification.

Relax Glow Tea is a blend of organic herbs inducing an overall sense of calm and relaxation by reducing stress and anxiety. 

We did this with an uncompromising approach to sustainability. Our packaging is compostable and our ingredients are Organic and made with LOVE and GRATITUDE!  Each and every one of our products is hand-made in small batches using only the best ingredients available, 100% vegan and never animal tested. 

XOXO - Tal

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