Healing the Womb

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Recently, vaginal steaming conversations have hit the chat.  Vaginas are always a hot topic, but healing them via “V steaming” or “Yoni steaming” is growing in popularity in the West.  Yoni users report increased energy, balanced hormones and even reduced stress.

However, it is an ancient practice, an old Greek treatment of fumigating (detoxing the womb) the vagina. It was believed to quench a thirsty uterus while treating infertility and hysteria!

OB/GYN Talia CrawfordMD claims there is no scientific evidence to support actual detoxification of the womb, “The steam reaches the outer part of the vagina only, steam does not reach your uterus or cervix.” 

The World Health Organization released a multi country study in 2016 of vaginal steaming practices in South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand and Mozambique.  Health reasons given included vaginal tightening, overall beauty and wellness treatment, and for maintaining identity.

If you are looking for a way to enhance your vagina, or specifically for a short time after childbirth, steaming with the correct amount of  herbs may work wonders for you.  Medicinal    

herbs are then absorbed through vaginal tissue before reaching your bloodstream.

Yoni steaming involves sitting over a pot of hot, herb-infused steaming water, while wrapping a blanket around your lower body to prevent the steam from escaping. On my Instagram I will show how to safely Make a YONI steam with Equal Parts (1 TBSP) Our RELAXGLOW + GODDESSGLOW Tea



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