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The main focus of detoxing is ridding your body from toxins.  Your body needs cleansing,  especially if you are often tired and sluggish.  Detoxing will bring you closer to your optimal health according to many healers. 

Some foods cause an immune reaction with negative side effects. Culprits include gluten, dairy, eggs, yeast, corn, and soy. Eliminating them from your diet for a time and introducing them back slowly while you note how you feel and how long it takes for food to pass through your body.  This will definitely take a conscious effort, but if your looking for a healthier lifestyle, it is a great place to begin.  And eating a  diet high in plant foods will calm inflammation, which may be the cause of your discomfort.

Let's talk elimination; size, shape and color matter, so look before you flush! Different stool colors mean different things, mostly depending on what you’ve eaten, but may  also indicate some possible  health concerns. Here are a few pointers as you examine your toilet bowl.

According to the Bristol Stool Chart, this how you POOP should look:

If your not enjoying carrots, squashes, pumpkins or sweet potatoes, possibly the cause is with your liver, and lack of bile when you see orange

Beets may turn your stool red, and taking supplements or eating kale and spinach make it green. While black licorice, blackberries, and iron supplements may turn it black, it may also be a sign of bleeding.  Acid reflux or stomach ulcers will cause bleeding.

Red may also also indicate bleeding, if it is not what you ate recently.  

If you ever see Yellow, greasy poop before you flush.  Your system is probably not digesting food properly. 

And  According to Elizabeth Rajan, M.D.,”a white or clay-like stool Is caused by a lack of bile, which may indicate  a serious underlying problem.”

Seek medical help if you are concerned with the color of your stool.

Before ANY Detox or Cleanse you should be using the bathroom consistently, ideally after every meal. Specially if you want to start a Parasite Cleanse, the parasite elimination should occur through poop otherwise, you will see parasites coming out of places you don't want to! During a cleanse you will see your poop change shapes and sizes, you might even see what many Colonic Health Specialists call "Old Poop" (Poop that are stuck into your colon walls) 

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