Garshana Gloves

Garshana Gloves

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Garshana gloves are made of raw silk & used to offer the face & body a traditional Ayurvedic dry massage called garshana. Incorporating a 5-minute garshana massage into your daily routine will refresh the skin tone, stimulate the lymphatic system, increase blood circulation, combat cellulite, release accumulated toxins & increase energy.

Start with dry skin in a warm comfortable room.
With raw silk gloves, start with about 20 fast, vigorous strokes on the bottoms of feet.
Massage and exfoliate each toe with a twisting and pulling stroke.
Use circular strokes around ankles and insteps.
Use long strokes ONLY IN THE UPWARD direction on shins and calves.
Use circular strokes on knees.
Use long upward strokes on thighs.
Circular strokes on hips.
Circular strokes on lower abdomen, ending with upward strokes to the heart.
20 vigorous strokes on palms of hands.
Twist and pull each finger.
Circular strokes on wrists.
Upward long strokes on forearms.
Circular strokes on elbows.
Upward strokes on arms.
Circular strokes on shoulders.
Vigorous circular strokes on front, back, and sides of head.
Circular strokes on ears.
Sweeping circular strokes on forehead, around the eyes, cheeks, and chin.
Long DOWNWARD ONLY strokes on the front, back, and sides of neck.
Reach back and stroke your back as best you can, sweeping around the heart.
Finish with sweeping strokes from feet to heart, fingers to heart, and head to heart.
If time permits, garshana is followed by a massage oil like our Body Oils.

MADE IN INDIA FROM UNBLEACHED, 100% RAW SILK by Iba Ayurveda. Raw silk contains a number of enzymes beneficial to skin & hair.