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With all those ingredients in regular anti-perspirant deodorants, when would (now) be a good time to switch to natural deodorant? While anti perspirants prevent us from sweating, deodorants mask the odor. “We are meant to sweat,” says Dr Mariza Snyder, a practitioner specializing in women hormones. “Our skin is part of a detox pathway, if you’re not sweating, it's a sign you’re not burning off toxins.” Dr Snyder says that “aluminum is the most concerning ingredient in an antiperspirant, long term or consistent use can cause degenerative tissue.”


Deodorants use alcohol and microbial based ingredients to prevent bacteria from growing. Anti-Perspirants use aluminum-based ingredients to block your pores from releasing sweat. And have you read the ingredient list? No matter which chemicals you put under your arms they will seep into your skin.
My personal preference and my sensitivity to harmful ingredients are reasons I transitioned to Natural Deodorants. I was looking to switch for environmental reasons and to top off my skin care routine as well.

On my Instagram Post, I explain why arm pit hair is important and Three Reasons Why You Should Transition to a Natural Deodorant:




But finding ones that actually work on myself have been hard to come by. Do I expect too much if I want a product effective against odor, that never stains clothing, that hydrates and nourishes underarms and soothes? I have experienced in-grown hairs, razor burns, rashes and skin irritations to name a few, and when the natural deodorants I was trying did not leave me nourished and hydrated, We at BodyLove by Tal began our research and development into the proud products we introduce to you today. You Can Also Make Your Own Deodorant at Home Learn How on My Instagram:



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