About Us


BodyLove by Tal believes that nature has the power to heal, nourish and restore better than anything synthetic or chemically-made. From nature to skin, our products are created with this philosophy in mind while emphasizing the importance of self-care, rediscovering the beauty of natural skincare and moving away from cosmetics that are toxic and filled with synthetics and fillers - forever!

Our products are hand-crafted in small batches, customizable with organic and all natural ingredients unique to you and your skin health needs!

Meet Our Founder & Owner


Tal's holistic and natural journey started when she was a teenager. In high school, she started making her own skin care products for her face, as no other products were working for her. Due to her very sensitive skin, she struggled with breakouts constantly. After hours of researching remedies for natural skin care, she came across the oil cleansing method - which changed her skin forever.

Surrounded by a rich culture of holistic living and a love for everything natural, Tal started BodyLove by Tal at the age of 2. Her true inspiration came when she had her son, Eli, who deepened her curiosity of natural remedies and herbal medicines after struggling with eczema. She began to make all of his skincare products (including his baby wipes!) which fostered a passion that evolved beyond her imagination and became her inspiration and vision to educate and inspire others through her creations. Tal is doing what she loves (full-time): creating beautiful, all-natural skincare products that are better for our skin - and our planet!